Thursday, January 12, 2012

My new addiction

No recipes here...just wanted to let everyone know about my latest addiction. Just to get it out of the way, Carly, I hold you fully responsible for this. (smiley face)

Anyway, as if I didn't waste enough hours of the day on Facebook, Twitter, and the internet in general, now I have Pinterest. I didn't understand it much at first, but I'm catching on quick and I love it. LOVE IT. It's basically another social networking site,but it's really just pictures of things (recipes, crafts, etc.) that people like. Anyone, anything. Within reason-there are no pornographic items or such allowed. It excites the recently awoken crafter in me like nothing else has lately. I have so many things that look so easy and so cool to try and I can't wait to get started on some of them.

You can like something, or "pin" something to your page, or "board" to remember it later. You can do this with any picture from any website (except Facebook so far, I've found). It's also really fun to look through all the things other people have found interesting. You can search all pins, or by category.

So, basically, I love Pinterest. Another new addiction. Thanks, Carly!

As usual, Dylan is napping, and I was playing on the Pinterest app (yes, there's an app for that!) on my phone, and Bryce was sitting in the recliner with me. Here's the conversation we just had:

(I had surfed over to the Car/Motorcycle boards to see if there was anything Jeff might be interested in. Oh, yes, there is much.)

Me: "Hey, Brycie! Look at this car, it has a swimming pool in it."

the car in question

Bryce: "Oh , cool! Do we have a car like that?!?!"
Me: "Um, no, Brycie. We don't have a car like that."
"Well, can we get one?"
(It is at this point where I lose total control of the conversation...)
"No, baby, those cars are really, really, expensive."
"Like, 59 dollars?"
"No, I think they cost a little more than that..."
"Like, 69 dollars? You got 69 dollars. Can we get one?"

Sure, son. I can think of nothing more practical than a convertible with a pool in the backseat for our family of five. I don't know *why* I was even considering a minivan. I'll get right on that :)

So, in a silly little way, this quirky little site has helped me bond with my son this morning. Awww! If you'd like to visit Pinterest and see my board (which is in its very early stages) click here. And for the entire site in general, here. Very fun, a good way to pass the time. And if you need an invite, just shoot me an email to

Facebook: Roxanne Gray

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